Which 22-inch LCD Monitor to Take Home

01425sz1i14396400.jpgNot all of our readers are PC gamers, but bet all of them are reading this article on a PC. What better to see it with then a huge crystal clear 22-inch LCD monitor. ExtremeTech has a run down on seven 22-inch LCDs worthy of your consideration.

  • Samsung SyncMaster 225BW
  • ViewSonic VX2245wm ViewDock
  • Lenovo D221
  • ViewSonic VX2255wmb
  • LG Flatron L226WTQ-BF
  • Envision G22LWK
  • Acer X221W

Each of these specimens has its excellent features and possibly some minor flaws as well. For a thorough review of each monitor, Check out the review and comparison piece on ExtremeTech.

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