The Elder Scrolls Online Combat System Revealed!

 Gameplay designer Nick Knokle sat down with PC Gamer to pull the curtain back on the combat system in The Elder Scrolls Online. Players will be able to map abilities to 6 slots, which Konkle described in more detail: “Your first two slots are derived from your weapon,” he began. “If I pick up a bow they’re bow attacks and if I pick up a sword then they’re sword attacks. Anyone can do that and anyone can be good at it.”The series’ distinctive use-based system returns, which will please fans: “If I continue to use that weapon over a period of time,” Konkle continued, “I will get better with it, which will give me a wider variety of things that I can potentially do with my weapon attacks. So I can gain mastery of it by virtue of having it equipped, but I can still pick up any weapon in the game and be good with it. And that’s true of anyone.”The other four slots are used for class-based abilities. Three are for normal abilities; one is for “Ultimate” abilities, which can only be equipped one at a time due to their extreme power. The four active skills will be drawn from a large pool of available abilities that unlock as you level up, so players will be able to tweak and experiment to find the combination that’s right for them. Again, in true Elder Scrolls style, you’ll have to use abilities to improve them. Kudos to PC Gamer deepening our understanding of the game and adding to the knowledge already available, which includes details about quests, story, and setting. Of course, some people don’t think an Elder Scrolls MMO is a good idea in the first place. Hopefully they’re proved wrong.

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