Emotive Mind Controller More Than Just Positive Thinking

emotive.JPGAn amazing new peripheral debuted at GDC could change the way we play video games irrevocably. AbleGamers previewed Emotive’s new peripheral that allows gamers to control games with their minds. The skeletal headpiece picks up signals from your brain and learns to interpret the data as commands such as “turn left”, “fire” or “pick up that rock”.  It’s also reputed to pick up on the player’s emotional state according to the original press on this peripheral.
This innovation is closer than you might think. Emotive plans to have it on the shelves in time for Christmas 2008 for a mere $299. I think any gamer would be intrigued by the possibilities of executing moves at the speed of thought. I can also think of a few training and therapy applications for a device like this in health care.This sounds awesome in theory, but Emotive has yet to prove that its device can work as well as advertised.via AbleGamers

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