Diablo 3 Hotfix Changes Class Skills, Fixes Bugs, Provokes Outrage

 Diablo 3 is now one week old (since no one could log in on May 15th, after all), and the first gameplay tweaks have arrived. A post by Blizzard’s omnipresent community manager Bashiok started the process yesterday. As he explained, the Monk skill Mantra of Healing and its attendant rune Boon of Protection were much more powerful than intended, and will be changed in a future patch. Until then, they’ve been nerfed, hard, along with the Demon Hunter skill Smoke Screen and the Wizard skills Arcane Torrent and Energy Armor. You can read the full hotfix patch notes on the official site. Monk players were, understandably, furious, but it seems likely that every class will fall victim to the Blizzard nerf patrol at some point or another. Somebody had to be first.

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