Denis Dyack Calls Unified Platform “Inevitable”

denis-dyack.jpgDenis Dyack has always been a very vocal proponent of having a single console to build games for. EA recently echoed similar statements, as Gerhard Florin said EA wanted an “open, standard platform.” That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen though; Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony aren’t about to throw in the towel so that such a thing could happen.But according to Dyack, it’s an inevitability.“Imagine a unified platform – one console for all gamers – that would bring a massive paradigm shift to the games industry, where games would become better in quality, cheaper, and more widely available. Sound good? It can happen. Better yet, it’s inevitable. It will happen.”While he doesn’t have any real evidence to suggest as much, he believes it’s the logical thing to do.“The market is also split in an unhealthy way between the major manufacturers,” Dyack told OXM UK. “Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony all may have equal marketshare this generation, making it extremely difficult for third-party publishers to choose what platform to focus on.”David Jaffe is another big name developer who believes this is the future of the console industry. Maybe, but it’s certainly not on the brink of happening.via Next Gen

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